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OOTD. I'm sure all you fashionistas out there are very familiar with it. But for those of you who don't know what OOTD is, it stands for "Outfit of the Day." You're welcome! So come out from under that rock, get yourself an Instagram account and read this outfit post because you might learn another thing or two about internet slang. Haha! 
As a fashion blogger with an Instagram account, I'm always posting OOTDs. So if you have IG, (that's what we youngsters call Instagram sometimes, again you're welcome) follow me and double tap on my OOTDs because it's pretty sad if no one likes it and that would be embarrassing! Seriously I beg you, come follow me on Instagram.  
Since I'm all about showing off my Outfit of the Day, this rad OOTD Necklace from Pixel Closet is the perfect accessory for me! I literally squeeled with glee when Inex of Pixel Closet showed me this quirky cutie.
I'm totally obsessed with Pixel Closet. In fact, I've ordered a few other accessories from them and I can't wait to share them with you guys! For the meantime, get to know more about Pixel Closet and read my interview with Inex - the lady who's responsible for turning all things nerdy and geek to chic and adorable!

OOTD Necklace - c/o Pixel Closet
Velvet Dress - Chic a Booti (Was $19.99 Now $15.99)
Boots - Dr. Martens from Hype DC ($199.95)
Beanie - Cotton On
Wings and Harajuku Girl Rings - c/o Steam Clothing
Bangles - bought from UK

CMD: Tell us about Pixel Closet?
INEX: Pixel Closet is where all your pixelated fused bead dreams can come true. We’re crazy about the art of using beads that can be fused together to create all sorts of wonderful artwork and characters. Our Facebook and Etsy sites are dedicated to fused bead art and to teaching people about how fun and creative fused beads can be. We also cater to the gaming, anime and otaku community and, to be honest, bringing back a little bit of the joy of childhood to everyone we meet.
CMD: How and when did Pixel Closet start?
INEX: I started Pixel Closet out of the blue one day as I was planning the surprise 28th birthday party for my husband. Since I was on a bit of a budget I was looking for some cost-effective decorating alternatives and, while researching, I found out about Pixel Art with fused beads. All of our Pixel Art is created by using special beads that, when ironed with a common household iron, fused together into any pattern that you can create. I was instantly hooked on it because it was so much fun and such a blast to see my creations come to life before my eyes. Initially I started the site for the ‘nostalgia factor’ but, when I realized that few people outside of the gaming community knew about Pixel Art I decided to bring it to the mainstream. I also enjoy using Pixel Art and my creations to inform people about gaming, anime and comic characters.
CMD: What's your inspiration behind your creations?
INEX: My inspiration comes mostly from TV shows, Anime (which is Japanese animation) and fashion trends. Every item that I create and sell on Etsy is made from fused beads just like the kind we had when we were kids. Indeed we cater to children with our designs as well as adults and we can make you a fused piece based on almost any character you can think of.
CMD: What can we expect in the future from Pixel Closet?
INEX: We’re always thinking about the future here at Pixel Closet and, to that end, we’ll be bringing new accessories for games as well as fashion really soon, including things like cufflinks, necklaces, bowties and collar pins. So check back with us often and, if you love Pixel Art and fused beads, please ‘like’ us on Facebook and share our Etsy site with all your connections. Thanks so much!
Giveaway Time!!! Pixel Closet is giving away an OOTD Necklace and a Finn from Adventure Time Necklace to lucky Call Me Dazzle readers. Wanna know how you can win these rad necklaces? Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and watch out for the entry mechanics which I will be posting very soon!
<3 Dazzle

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